Hi everyone! Spring is really warms by the sun, days are longer, skirts are shorter… 🙂 It’s time for new edition of Summer Breeze!
Episode full of the beautiful things. Deadmau5 opens it with his «mau5’s sound» at the new track Stay.
Next, sunny and soulful progressive from Mayfair and Bunt. After them, an absolute masterpiece Back & Forth, where every sound filled by summer.
Play on words in titles, the two remix Alone and Not Alone — flashback from 2008 with warm mood. And between them is hiding a powerful spring track from Fehrplay.
Adding some speed, the tracks from Simon Patterson and Stephen Kirkwood — Spring cheerfulness will not be superfluous.
This episode finishes on the spring note — Schellrich Sine — Springtime sets the mood of warm days and celebration.

Enjoy the spring with the Summer Breeze!